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  • Our company specializes in video surveillance and investigation
  • With four decades of case management and field surveillance, we are familiar with all facets and settings of claims investigations.
  • Our expert tactics, technology and advanced video equipment allow us to support major insurance carriers, insurance defense law firms and self-insured corporations


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  • A key component for defending fraudulent insurance claims, video surveillance provides a clear and steady visual documentation of your claimant's possible employment and physical abilities
  • The acquisition of this proof will certainly aid all fabricated claims and may suspend or terminate disability benefits of the claimant

Activity Checks
  • An investigation, which involves conducting a neighborhood canvass to develop information while utilizing undetected and ethical techniques
  • A comprehensive profile of your claimant's current address, motor vehicles, possible employment, daily activities, and all overall determination of their current health status
  • Information gathered from this investigation may provide red flags and leads for possible insurance fraud and my warrant video surveillance

Background Checks
  • An extensive and thorough investigation of your claimant or business, including criminal and civil history, property assets, past and present addresses, and other information the client may specifically request.
  • These searches will be conducted utilizing internet sources, database records, courthouse and public records, and other valuable research techniques

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Wellness Checks
  • A face-to-face interview with your claimant for positive identification purposes and to confirm their current address
  • We will also obtain information regarding their overall general health status, medical history, marital status, current employment status, and daily activities/hobbies
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